Jo Jo Welcomes Every Body

Open and inclusive classes creating space to practise moving, breathing and meditation together in an international community. 


One to One / Beginners / Workplace / Young at Heart/ Community Class   

My classes are inclusive, playful,

joyful and encouraging


Young at Heart Chair Yoga 

Young at heart is a chair yoga series for those who may find standing poses too much  but still want to empower their torso in the Goddess pose and other powerful poses. 

In addition to the Young at Heart You Tube class, I am in collaboration with Age UK Staffordshire, in their digitalisation of day care oppourtunities for their users who no longer attend the centres. Using technology to connect a community moving together. 

Beginner 1:1
Practise the basics and feel confident to join a class

New to Yoga

Build a strong foundation with a course of one to one classes so that you feel ready to go to a yoga studio and practise with other yogis.

Despite what you see on social media, which can seem intimidating, it really isn't all about being upside down or being able to wrap your leg around your head. Gift yourself with a course. 



I am joyful, I am intuitive and I am a fun caring yoga teacher. Passionate about people, creating communities and connections. I want to empower people to practise mind and body connection with Yoga. 


Yoga is for EVERY BODY

I have worked in the City of London for over 10 years sitting at a desk for hours, racing around London to and from meetings, networking until late at night attempting to hit targets. Practising yoga reconnected me to myself, improving focus, self awareness and reducing stress, not to mention an hour a day digital detox.

Happy Yogi Toni

Before my 2 yoga classes with Jo I was a complete beginner and had never stepped foot on a yoga mat. I never thought to try yoga as I'm not flexible and I didn't think I would be any good. Jo took away those fears of what I thought yoga was and guided me through a challenging and fun class. I'm hooked!...........Toni xxx




(n) the spirit of joy, enthusiasm, high spirits and frenzy, in which good times and passion for life are expressed with an abundance of excitement, happiness and fun. 



Paul and Sue Feldman 

“ My wife and I are both in our late 60’s and in these challenging times we decided that we would give yoga a go. We were recommended to Jo and enrolled on a course with her. She made it fun, non stressful and more importantly, with her empathy, tuned into our capabilities. We see her (virtually due to pandemic) twice a week and we are amazed at our progress to date.  My downward dog is a sight to see as is my wife's legs up against the wall!!!!

On a serious note apart from the physical benefits of improved balance and flexibility the mental well being derived is amazing.

We would not hesitate to recommend specifically Jo as a guru and  generally yoga to everyone”